Care Instructions

Quick Tips

Cleaning Faucet Aerators
  1. Gently unscrew the faucet spray head.
  2. Remove the aerator by pushing with finger from bottom.
  3. Rinse aerator with water until all debris is gone.
  4. Place aerator back into spray head.
  5. Gently screw the faucet spray head by hand back onto spout.
Finish Maintenance on Faucets and Soap Dispensers
  • Maintain the factory appearance and prevent buildup of mineral scale and soap residue using daily maintenance. Wipe the faucet with a soft dry cloth.
  • Remove spots and surface debris by applying a mild cleaner to a soft dry cloth and wiping down the faucet.
  • Rinse faucet with clear water and polish dry with soft cloth.
  • Never clean the faucet with (i) abrasive powders, pads, brushes or sponges, or (ii) cleaners that contain alcohol, bleach, abrasives, vinegar, hydrochloric acid, formic acid, lye, or acetic acid, (iii) steam cleaners or (iv) “no rinse” cleaning agents.


What does the gauge of a sink mean?

Gauge is a measurement range of thickness, the lower the number, the thicker the steel. Dakota Signature Series stainless steel sinks feature a 16 gauge thickness while most of the Dakota Genesis Series stainless steel sinks are 18 gauge.

Why is undercoating important?

Proper and well appointed undercoatings will aid in noise reduction, condensation prevention, and maintaining the water temperature when pre-soaking dishes.