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Alcove Bathtubs
The most popular tub type in the US and Canada today is still the basic, 5-ft. alcove model designed to be built into a three-walled inset in the bathroom. This is the tub you probably already own.
Freestanding Bathtubs
The most familiar of these bathtubs is the clawfoot tub. There are also pedestal and other legged models. The pedestal bath is a tub on a stand or pedestal. The legged models have some kind of leg holding them off the floor. The clawfoot is just one, albeit the most popular, leg model.
Clawfoot Bathtubs
Named for its signature tub-supporting feet, this raised, freestanding-style tub is available with traditional or modern legs. For a high-back option, claw-foot slipper tubs are popular.
Drop-In Bathtubs
This tub shell has a wide rim and is designed to sit inside an enclosure or frame that’s built separately. More intricate installation may be required.
Undermount Bathtubs
Also designed to fit inside an enclosure, this tub style has a rim that’s covered by a surrounding deck made of stone or tile. More intricate installation may be required.