Quartz Composite Sink Warranty

Dakota Plumbing Products, LLC carries a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY on quartz composite sinks to be free of manufacturing defects under normal use.


This limited lifetime warranty is extended to the original purchaser of this sink. Dakota Plumbing Products, LLC (hereafter “Dakota™”) will repair or replace, at no charge, excluding transportation and labor, any quartz composite sink supplied by Dakota™ that is proven to be defective within the specified period from date of purchase, to the original purchaser, provided it has been used solely in a residential application and installed correctly. An equivalent replacement will be issued to the
original owner provided the defective sink was installed in accordance with the installation procedures, used and cleaned as recommended, and not damaged due to abuse, misuse, or negligence.

Chips, scratches, and stains are not deemed to be manufacturing defects. Dakota™ will not be held liable for chips, scratches, and stains that can occur under normal use over a period of time. Please refer to the cleaning instructions to maintain your sink in its original appearance. Dakota™ shall not be held liable under this warranty where the sink has been used in a non-residential application, improperly installed, or damaged from the impact caused by a heavy object being dropped on the sink or from improper handling.

Dakota™ shall not be liable for any inconvenience or expense for material or labor related to the removal or replacement of a defective sink or for any loss or damage to any person or property whatsoever resulting from the defective sink. All transportation costs to and from the point of purchase will be the responsibility of the purchaser. Any sink returned must be in the original packaging and include all the accompanying accessories, parts, and documentation. The manufacturer reserves the right to inspect and/or request digital pictures of any sink reported to be defective prior to replacement of the sink.

Manufacturing defects and conditions which are covered by this quartz composite sink warranty:
• Surface blemishes
• Bubbling
• Thermal cracking
Dakota™ shall not be liable in case of:
• Shipping or freight damage
• Chipping, cuts or nicks
• Scratches or scuff marks due to use
• Hard water or mineral deposits
• Inconsistent color or surface dullness
• Holes drilled incorrectly
• Installation damage
• Abuse or misuse (i.e. impact damage due to objects dropped in the sink, hot pots placed in the sink)

It is important that the professional fabricator installer (hereafter “PFI”) and end-user carefully inspect the sink for damage immediately upon delivery. If any damage is not reported and documented on the delivery receipt with the shipping carrier upon delivery all insurance coverage ends and Dakota™ will not be able to file a claim or send a replacement sink.

To submit a warranty claim it is the responsibility of the PFI or enduser to submit to Dakota™ proof of purchase and a minimum of five (5) high resolution photographs clearly showing the manufacturing defect. Replacement cost EXCLUDES transportation and any materials and labor costs for the removal or re-installation.

No other warranties, express or implied, are made. Under no circumstances shall Dakota™ be liable for any loss or damage arising from the purchase, a defect in, or use or inability to use quartz composite sinks, or for any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages. Dakota™’s liability under this warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the defective item at Dakota™’s discretion to the purchase location. No representative, dealer or any other person is authorized to make any warranty, representation or promise on behalf of Dakota™.

For further information you may contact us at:
customerservice@dakotasinks.com or the address below:
Dakota Plumbing Products, LLC
ATTENTION: Customer Service
800 NW 65th ST, Suite B, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309

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