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Designing a Stylish Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most often used rooms in the house, so it demands a design that is both inviting and practical for the home chef. Kitchen appliances, faucets, sinks, and even hardware all work together to create a stylish and practical space for preparing and serving delectable meals to friends and family.

Steps to Designing a Kitchen

Make a Design Plan

Every kitchen should be set up in such a way that the flow and transition from the refrigerator to the range to the sink to the dishwasher is seamless. The sink and dishwasher should be placed side by side in a triangle layout to enhance efficiency in the kitchen. Take accurate measurements of the kitchen area and think about how much storage you'll need. Make a detailed blueprint with bottom cabinets, upper cabinets, appliances, and possibly a kitchen island. Measuring and preparing ahead of time will assist ensure that everything falls into place and will save you time and frustration later. 

Cabinets and hardware should be installed

The installation of cabinetry is the initial stage in any kitchen design. The finish of the cabinets and the hardware used will help to establish an overall look for the area because they are the largest furnishings in the room. Long, linear cabinet pulls and a high-gloss finish keeps things clean and modern or opts for oil-rubbed bronze hardware and more rustic cabinets for a more casual, industrial feel. 

Adding a Kitchen Backsplash and a Countertop

A durable countertop and a coordinated kitchen tile backsplash are essential for a functional kitchen. Popular countertop materials include granite, quartz, and Corian, to name a few. Glass, metal, and tile backsplashes are easy to clean and provide a way to add a dash of color to the kitchen. 

Selecting a Sink and Faucet

Installing the appropriate kitchen sink might make dishwashing seem less of a job. There are a variety of sink styles to choose from, including:

Of course, no sink would be complete without a matching kitchen faucet and drain set. Choose a sink and faucet set that already has the various components matched and ready to install for even greater simplicity. Kitchen faucets come in a variety of styles, including:

Consider adding a bar or prep sink to the kitchen island to increase the space's functionality. Other useful improvements include a pot filler and a hot and cold-water dispenser.

Before You Buy

A bathroom sink is the most important fixture in your bathroom. It may be ornamental or functional, but essentially it is where you clean yourself daily. So when choosing your sink, take into account the overall design for the entire bathroom and how it will be used, along with its size.

Update or upgrade?

Treat yourself to an upgrade in your bathroom. A new sink with a pop of color is the perfect way to make a dramatic change. Choose from different shapes and sizes with beautiful finishes like granite and stone, with options like integrated faucet styles that let you turn it on and off with the lightest touch. Upgrade your sink today, and enjoy your new space with minimal effort.

Utility and function or statement and style?

The style of your sink is an important decision, and we offer a wide range of styles and materials. From classic stainless steel with modern flair to timeless solid-surface with a natural stone look, these sinks can tie in beautifully to your kitchen, become an eye-catching focal point when left plain or texture painted, or add a pop of color that will bring interest and warmth into almost any space.

Our high-traffic sinks are perfect for little boys and girls – getting ready for school, or a day full of activities – or a busy home workshop. With a wider basin area and a generous lip around the entire perimeter to contain water, a high-traffic sink will typically hold a larger load than your average vanity or utility sink. Whether it's a guest bathroom, master bathroom, or powder room, the right bath vanity and sink can make a big difference. With a variety of designs and styles to choose from, you might find the perfect vessel sink or tub filler to create a unique focal point in your bathroom. Browse popular styles like modern vessel sinks, glam finishes like gold and silver, and colorful options such as deep blue enameled vessel sinks.

How much space do you need?

You'll need to consider the size of the bathroom and any fixtures or cabinets already in it. You can get a rough idea by measuring the room and estimating how much space you want to devote to a sink. Keep in mind that you'll likely need extra storage for towels and cleaning supplies.

A bathroom with a small space does not necessarily mean that you have to sacrifice storage or style. If you are looking for ways to save space in your bathroom, then installing a sink instead of a vanity cabinet is an excellent idea. The amount of space needed for a sink depends on the design of the sink -- whether it is wall-mounted or built-in -- and the size of the sink.

If you have more room to work with, such as in a master suite or children's bathroom, it is often possible to install larger and more elegant sinks. This includes undermount styles as well as self rimming and vessel sink options which will be set up over a nice cabinet that can provide more storage space.